Saturday, January 2, 2016

Strategies to Spark Motivation

It seems to be that Number 7 of the nine strategies listed in this article should be obvious to my students.  What they are learning in labs are tasks that they will be performing each day.  There is sometimes push-back as I have mentioned in several posts and assignments, as we are teaching the 'gold standard' and students see less than that done in practice.  But perhaps I need to go beyond teaching the task and show them how it can help with their CAREERS, not with the day to day tasks. 

For instance, often DVMs don't care how a task is done, so long as it is done efficiently, inexpensively and on time so that they are not standing around waiting.  Helping my students to see that delinting textiles prior to autoclaving means that the DVM does not have to waste time and sterile gauze picking hairs off the laparatomy sheet prior to being able to begin surgery equates to less waste, more income to the practice and potentially a raise for the student/employee.  Perhaps the student is able to bring in many new ideas to the practice to improve efficiency and this in turn results in a new position of Staff Trainer for the student.

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